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For the last couple years we've been hearing automakers blather on about the importance of "connectivity solutions" and ways to marry your car with your phone, even beyond AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay. Do you need "achievements" to unlock to enjoy driving? Do you want them?


For many of us, our smartphones carry our whole world — contacts, messages, payment information, eclectic music collection — so it's hard to understate the importance of keeping everything safe and secure. Certain apps can make a big difference — protecting your data and securing your communications. Here are six well worth installing.

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When our parents were young, dating was simple. There was no Tinder, no Bumble, no Raya, no Seeking Arrangements. They went to school, they rode a bike, they drank milkshakes at the local diner and eventually married the girl next door. Soon after they pumped out you and maybe your siblings and lived happily ever after.

Thanks to Tinder, meeting your one in a million is now much easier. So no more awkward openers in nightclubs like, “Excuse me, do you know how old Sandra Sully is?” – that was my favourite back in the day.


Australian researchers from Edith Cowan University just finished a deep dive into the results of 26 separate peer-reviewed studies of the effectiveness of commercially available, computerised brain training programs.

Here's what they found.


Ever searched for an app you want to download, only to find a gazillion fake versions? Other than ripping off the original developers, these copies could be on the hunt for something more malicious than your sweet in-app purchase dollars - your personal information.


There's a new selfie app in town. It's called Meitu, and it's all about turning your profile photos into over-the-top anime cels.

On the surface, Meitu is all about smoothing your skin and making your hair look silky, brightening the dark circles under your eyes and making you look a little less haggard. But that's a facade for the app's real purpose, which is to collect your data to sell to advertisers.


Some cooks pride themselves on their mastery of the grill and are happy to spend hours tending to meats. However, if you love barbecue but hate the idea of being stuck next to one all afternoon, Char-Broil's new SmartChef Gas Grill connects to a smartphone app so you can monitor your dinner while doing anything else.


Thanks to its ability to attract non-gamers, nostalgic characters, simple mechanics, the novelty of augmented reality and its social nature, Pokemon GO reached a level of success in 2016 that eludes even some of the most successful traditional video games.

Record downloads, engagement and of course - revenue.


There are a million reasons to want to stay in bed every morning, not the least of which being stepping into a cold shower that isn't as warm as you thought it would be. BRRRR! But with the new U by Moen shower, you can use your smartphone to start and pre-heat the water so that it's guaranteed to be the perfect temperature when you hose off in the morning.


Google Keep has been quietly storing our grocery lists and random musings since 2013, but since then it's evolved to handle much more than daily task reminders and phone numbers of friends. Here are 5 extra features you can make use of next time you launch the app.


Music apps are some of the most rewarding to download because the payoff is immediate and they're usually easy to play. Not only can the right apps help people make music wherever their smarphone goes, but it can also spark creativity in those with little-or-no musical talent. Here are some of the best apps for composing songs, casual beat-makers, and other people that just want to mess around and see what happens.