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I turn 30 this month, and it feels like I am one of the few people my age who watches pay TV and is willing to pay for it. Truth is, I hate watching shows on my computer — or worse, my phone. Give me new episodes in real-time, on a real TV. I know I'm on the wrong side of history, but I also know I'm not the only one.


Just when you thought the Apple TV was just another set-top box, everything has changed. The Cupertino company just announced the biggest Apple TV upgrade in recent memory, one that transforms the little box into a whole new platform for your home.


This morning, we were introduced to new iPhones, with much improved cameras and faster processors. We were introduced to a new, bigger iPad Pro with an optional keyboard cover and a pressure-sensitive digital stylus. But it's the Apple TV, the diminutive set-top box that has been more of a quiet labour of love for Apple than its heroic mobile devices and MacBooks, that has seen the biggest upgrade and the biggest unlocking of potential.


The next iPhone is inbound, and we can't wait to see it on 9 September, but what else will we see? According to a new report, we're about to get a brand new Apple TV, which will lay the groundwork for Apple's-own TV streaming service.