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Despite the fact that Australia's iPad launch next month won't actually involve the launch of an Australian iBooks bookstore, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to read books on your iPad. In fact, if you look at the current crop of eBook applications on the iPhone, the iPad has the potential to let you get the best possible price for every book you want to buy.

While I'm the first person who wants a webcam on the Apple iPad, this is just ridiculous: A Kansas-based repair website is claiming that they just got the iPad's frame part, which shows a hole for the camera. Really?

Trumpets playing, bloody moons, seas of fire, cats cohabiting with dogs, and Windows 7 running on the Apple iPad right on the day it launches. That's how the Universe ends, my dearly beloved, and you can blame Citrix for it.

It's taken me a couple of days for me to understand the wet sickness I felt in response to all the post-iPad whining, until it finally came up in a sputtering lump: disgust.

Since I can't wait to get the Apple iPad, I will build one for myself with Lego bricks, using this one as the guideline. And then use it like I will use the real iPad: By licking it.

Ars hears there's a company-wide internal meeting today at Apple to talk about the iPad, just like Apple had shortly after the launch of the iPhone. While you're possibly more interested in the serious chance everybody who's been at Apple for a while will walk out with their own iPad — like with the iPhone — the likely employee Q&A session will probably peel back in more detail how Apple's thinking about the iPad. Oh to be an Apple employee velcro'd to that wall.

Finally! Someone took those "State of the Slate" jokes seriously and made a ridiculous mash-up of President Obama's State of the Union address and the iPad presentation.

"It's not widescreen!" you might've snorted about the iPad's display. Besides the practical consideration that a tablet w/ a 16:9 screen would be more awkward to hold, Lonely Sandwich's diagram explains a lot of what's going on there.