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Apple has finally updated the MacBook Air. Sort of. Because Apple doesn’t just kill old products, you can still buy it for $1,499. But you should not buy it. Ever. If someone you love comes home with its box in their hands please slap it out of their hands. And if they come home with a brand new MacBook you might want to slap it out of there hands too, because with the many updates to the MacBook Air the MacBook is looking like a real bad buy.

Later this week, Apple will be holding an education event at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. Although education was a core market for Apple, the efforts made by Google and Microsoft over recent years have eroded Apple's pull in that market. But it seems Apple is planning to relaunch their campaign. What will they deliver?

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If you own a MacBook, you're likely well aware of how scrolling and right-clicking work on the trackpad, but you may not know how to invoke Quick Look, Notification Center, or Exposè. Whether you're new to macOS or you just never bothered to learn them, these gestures can make your life a little simpler.

The last major update to the MacBook Pro was in 2012. Sure, it's had incremental upgrades like a higher-res Retina display and the Force Touch haptic trackpad since then, but we've been waiting a long time for something new. (We've been waiting even longer for a new MacBook Air.) It seems all but certain, though, that Apple will hold an event on October 28th Australian time to introduce the world to a new, high-tech MacBook Pro -- possibly with a set of function keys that are also full-colour touchscreens.