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Back in April 2009, Research in Motion launched BlackBerry App World, their online app serving portal accessible directly from a Blackberry handset. Unless you were an Australian, of course. In December last year, RIM finally launched the Australian version of App World, but despite the fact that the payment method of choice was the global Paypal, paid apps weren't supported down under. Until now, that is.


Everyone knows how dangerous it is to talk on a mobile phone while driving. Everyone knows that sending or reading text messages is even worse. Now there's an app to make the whole process much safer by reading out your emails and text messages, so you can keep your eyes on the road. The catch? It's a BlackBerry app...


When I tried to access Blackberry's App World the other day, I got the above error message. But when our old mate Seamus tried it on his Bold, he got straight through, like his Bold was a Batphone and the App World was Commissioner Gordon's office.


In case you couldn't decode the earlier post, Blackberry officially launched their App World service overnight. But if you were hoping to get your fingers on some hot Blackberry apps through a single, simple application, you're going to be sorely disappointed when you go to download it. Turns out that you need to be on contract in the US, UK or Canada to get your hands on it.


Wanna access BlackBerry's "App World" app store? Sign up online now and be alerted at 10PM ET tonight when it goes live. Or, set your alarm (BBs have alarms, right?) and eliminate the middleman.

AU: Not sure if this is available locally yet. I'll let you know when I find out.