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There have been plenty of App Store sales before, some of them quite extensive. But Apple's never offered discounts of this magnitude before. Some of the best -- and most expensive -- games and apps you can find on iOS are free today, presumably in honour of the App Store's five-year anniversary. Here are the ones you need to download first.

When we reviewed the Kindle Fire HD last year, we were bitterly disappointed. Mainly because it was a good little device that just didn't have any of the great Amazon features available for Australians. That's about to change, however, with the news overnight that Amazon will make the Kindle Fire HD available for shipping to Australia. Hurrah!

Earlier this week, Apple removed Wobble—an app that adds real jiggle to photographic boobs—from the App Store. Other removals followed. A developer who talked to Apple has the scoop on the future of titillating apps: it is bleak.

iPhone-Backgrounder (available for jailbroken iPhones via Cydia) brings another much-desired functionality that Apple's not allowing for legit apps--the ability to run in the background. After installing the extension, simply hold down the home button on the app you want to preserve, and it will keep running until you tell it to stop with another home button press. Looks like those jailbreak folks aren't done innovating just yet...

The folks behind Palringo have swiftly delivered on a promise to add Push-to-Talk functionality to their multi-client IM app for the iPhone. Like their desktop version, the new update allows iPhone users to send vocal IM messages by holding down a contact button while speaking. When released, the audio recording will be delivered directly to the recipient.