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Spring means warmer days, shorter nights, and the first waves of panic about holiday shopping. We’ve already told you all about the films you might be interested in, but collected here — in a list that numbers nearly 100 entries — is the season’s vast array of sci-fi and fantasy books. Plus a few collections, memoirs and other genre-adjacent works which should help you conquer all.

Anne Rice is famous the world over as the author of Interview With the Vampire and the other novels in her best-selling Vampire Chronicles series, the gothic, romantic vampire universe she's been building out since the 1970s. Now, Paramount TV and Anonymous Content have optioned all 11 of them(!) to use as the basis of a new TV series.

When you think of vampires, chances are you think of Anne Rice's Lestat -- gothic, beautiful, tortured, romantic, everything that has practically defined the creatures in pop culture since Rice wrote Interview With the Vampire in 1976. But in her new book, the unusually titled Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (out now), Rice has shockingly redefined her own creation -- and she told us why.

If you haven't read Prince Lestat, Anne Rice's most recent Vampire Chronicles book, a lot has changed for the tribe of the Undead. The vampires actually came together, entered the modern world and formed a community with Lestat at its head. But with Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, Rice is going to change everything people think they know about her world of vampires.