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When Samsung announced the arrival of two versions of its latest Galaxy Note — the 6.3-inch Note 10 and the 6.8-inch Note 10+ — it signalled a small departure from previous years. In spirit, the Galaxy Note 10+ is the true successor to Samsung’s iconic big-screen phone line, while the standard Note 10 seems like something Samsung’s bean counters dreamed up as a way of broadening the market for the company’s latest high-end phone.

Huawei has confirmed at the 2019 IFA conference in Berlin that although the Mate 30 series will come with Android 10 pre-installed, the devices will not host any Google apps when the phone launches on September 19.

Google previously confirmed the app exclusion after months of turmoil amid US President Trump's allegations of Huawei infrastructure being used to spy on citizens, resulting in a ban on US companies (like Google) working with Chinese companies (like Huawei).

The name says it all: LG G8X ThinkQ Dual Screen. It’s an updated LG G8 phone with an additional screen that effectively operates as a second device tethered to the main one. In a briefing at IFA in Berlin, the company framed the dual-screen phone as the inevitable solution to our multitasking inclinations. After spending a few minutes using the G8X, I’m wondering if I should be multitasking more.

Nokia announced two new mid-range smartphones today, the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, and it’s a departure from last year’s welcomed solo outing. 2018’s Nokia 7.1 was very nearly an ideal mid-range smartphone. It had a slick, yet understated design, ran a clean version of Android, and featured better cameras than you’d expect for the price (and it even had a headphone jack). The only thing that really held it back was mediocre battery life.

Android Pie isn't even universal across all smart phones, but the beta for Android Q is already out.

We're yet to discover which tasty treat it will be named after, so we thought we'd take a look back on what has been used so far.

When a phone retails at $1,699, it can’t just be good, it has to be superb. It needs to deliver features you don’t get on other phones, maintain excellence across all the standard metrics, and be able to handle pretty much any situation, whether it’s work, play, or just a bit of movie watching. And while there are a few things I wish Samsung had included on its latest big-screen flagship, the Galaxy Note 10+ is damn near perfect.

Android Q has been in public beta for a few months now, but we're still yet to see the official release. Or a title.

Android Pie was unleashed on the world on August 7 2018, so its successor can't be too far off.

With that in mind, its time to make a final plea for the version name. Quince, dammit.