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For many of us, our smartphones carry our whole world — contacts, messages, payment information, eclectic music collection — so it's hard to understate the importance of keeping everything safe and secure. Certain apps can make a big difference — protecting your data and securing your communications. Here are six well worth installing.


The Note7 may live again. It probably won't be sold in Australia or other first-world markets, but Samsung's ill-fated big-screen smartphone might make its way onto the store shelves of countries like India, Brazil, Russia and China. That's the surprising news we're hearing from a Korean news outlet, which says that Samsung will fit the millions of devices sitting in its inventory with a smaller, less ambitious battery.


Sometimes bigger is better. When it comes to phones, that's more true than ever — a bigger screen is easier to read, and a bigger body hides larger batteries and means more battery life. And that means Huawei's massive Mate 9 is one of the best new Android phones you can buy in 2017.