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There could be a future where we eat incredible, sustainable, engineered foods — 3D-printed or lab-grown meals, chemically optimised to unleash the perfect combination of flavour and nutrients to fit our bodies and our tastes. Better tasting hot dogs with harmful fats removed! Healthier snacks with accurate expiration dates! Or, we can continue on our present path, and we will keep eating the same foods we always have, including foods that make us sick and obese. And if the United States would like a say in the future of food, the government and the people need to start paying attention to food scientists.


An Australian teen was denied a visa to attend space camp in the United States yesterday. The 15-year-old, Pouya Ghadirian, was born in Australia but his parents are from Iran, giving him dual citizenship. The visa denial is believed to be the first for an Australian citizen under the Trump administration's so-called Muslim ban, interpreted by many legal scholars to be grossly unconstitutional.


China just seized an unmanned underwater vehicle operated by the US Navy, according to reports from Reuters. The seizure occurred in the South China Sea yesterday, and the US has since demanded that the vehicle be returned.


Image Cache: As the US election nears, America can at times feel like a hideous and hateful place. Let this map of the United States' river basins made by Imgur user Fejetlenfej remind you that, at the very least, it can be beautiful. Fejetlenfej — a geographer who sells their maps on Etsy — created the image using QGIS software, which is an open-source geographic information system. The map depicts both "the permanent and temporary streams and rivers," the creator explained. They divided the streams into catchment areas, which show when rainfall flows into a river, lake or reservoir. Using the Strahler Stream Order Classification, which is a system used by geologists to define stream sizes, Fejetlenfej explained that on the map, "the higher the stream order, the thicker the line".


The US presidential debate season is upon us, and in our Age of Social Media™ that means the average American's voice will be heard. Well, sort of. Facebook is helping source questions from average people, for better and for worse. The second US presidential debate on October 9 is the "town hall" style debate, which has a long history as one of the most colourful of the three scheduled debates. But in previous generations the town hall was always limited to questions from people in the room. That's changing in 2016.


Video: Mickey Mouse is obviously more well-known than Bugs Bunny. But there's a kitschy globalisation aspect to Mickey that Bugs has somehow managed to avoid, even though they both served as mascots for their companies (Disney and Warner Bros., respectively). How did Bugs do it?