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"I am 3X Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Wyclef Jean, and today marks the 20th anniversary of the Fugees' The Score - Ask me Anything!" — the AMA began like any other, really. The first question then set the tone for what was to follow.

"Yeah I've got a question for you:

How dare you?"


Ever wanted to ask iiNet's chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby, what he really thinks about piracy? Or the NBN? Or even whether he thinks Spiderman can take The Hulk in a fight? You're going to get the chance today as the man himself takes to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session.


If you don't know who Greens' Senator Scott Ludlam is, then listen up. He's a top bloke and also a guy who has been at the forefront of issues like the data retention proposals and the National Broadband Network roll-out as the Communications spokesperson for the Greens. Why are we re-introducing you to him? You're about to get a decent opportunity to ask him stuff because he's doing his first Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) right now!