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Hug your monolithic tower one last time, because Asus is coming for it with its new range of Windows 8, all-in-one desktops. There are three fancy new models ranging from 21.5-inches right up to 27-inches of touch-based, Windows 8 laden goodness. Can the ET2701 slay your existing desktop?


Over in the US, Vizio became a big player over the last few years with pretty-good-for-the-price big-screen TVs — and now they're looking to shake up the PC market the same way. I don't know how these will perform, but holy crap the new Vizio PCs and notebooks look amazingly good. Indeed, they may beat sleepy PC giants at their own game. Their designer must be a genetic mix of Jon Ive and Tony Stark.


There's a lot of new all-in-one PCs on show here at Computex, but most exciting of all is a big push with new Thin Mini-ITX standard motherboards. Same size as mini-ITX but half the height. Before the year is out you could be building a DIY All-In-One, and tweaking and upgrading it like any other home grown PC.