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If you're after a cheap Android phone, it has always been tough to go passed the Kogan Agora. For the price, it gets the job done for users who aren't after a world-eating superphone. The good news today is that the current generation Agora smartphone is getting even cheaper as Kogan readies to launch a new model.


There are some great tablets out there these days, but who says you need to spend big bucks to get a great device? Is it possible to buy a great tablet on a budget and still get everything you need? Let us show you the best tablets on a budget.


I have a confession: I really didn't want to like the Kogan Agora smartphone. As soon as I was handed the device and told the price, I immediately relegated it to the cheap and nasty corner. 'Nothing good can come out of a $150 device,' I thought to myself at the time. Well readers, I'm here to tell you that I was wrong.


Kogan's first Agora tablet was announced last month, but was shortly met with some criticism after it was revealed that its specs weren't as good as originally thought. Well, the specs have been tweaked again, except this time it's to give customers a better device. Can't imagine anyone complaining about this.


Even though it wasn't exactly the best netbook I've ever looked at, the Kogan Agora 10-inch was still noteworthy for being cheap. And now it's even cheaper, dropping $100 for both the base model and the "premium" version.