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The past few weeks have been a nightmare for data breaches, so good news: Here's another easily preventable security problem. Adobe's Product Security Incident Response Team accidentally posted the private PGP encryption key -- necessary to decrypt encoded messages transmitted to them using their public PGP key -- associated with their [email protected] email account this week, Ars Technica reported.


Here it is, hiding halfway down the company's latest press release, like a guillotine in a crowded town square: "Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash." Boom. That's the sound of the blade dropping, and Flash, finally, thankfully, mercifully dying. Because Adobe just killed it.


When Adobe switched all its Creative Suite programs -- Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator and the rest of the gang -- over to Creative Cloud, we were worried what a subscription model might mean for prices. Adobe software has always been expensive, but at least it was one upfront cost.

As it turns out, we were right. Another annual price increase for Creative Cloud is happening a month from now, and it represents the latest jump in a nearly 250 per cent price rise for some Creative Cloud plans since it started.


Macromedia isn't a name you hear often these days and even if you did, you'd self-correct it to "Adobe" in your head. But we all remember Macromedia Director, a dedicated program for "interactive multimedia" that was all the rage in the 1990s. The decades however have not been kind to Director's popularity, so much so Adobe is putting the brand to bed as early as next month.


Video: It's time to face the facts: Lightsabers aren't real, and they're simply not going to exist in your lifetime. The closest you can get to realising your Jedi fantasies is through this excellent tutorial by Mathieu Stern showing you how to properly fake a lightsaber using Photoshop.


Using your voice as a password just became a lot less secure. But turning your friends' words against them to ruin their lives with mischief just got a lot easier. After less than half an hour of listening in on your speech and vocal patterns, Adobe's VoCo tool can imitate your voice and make you say pretty much anything.


Photoshop is a vast program, packed with all kinds of sophisticated tools and functions to keep the professional photography world turning. Whatever your level of experience with the software, though, there are some quick and easy tips you can take advantage of to improve your Photoshop experience -- here are some of our favourite ones.


Adobe just announced that its Flash player has yet another major security flaw -- one that's already wild and could let hackers take over your entire computer. Adobe is urging Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and ChromeOS users to download the patch immediately. AGAIN.