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Video: Of all the movie presidents — not fictional presidents like Morgan Freeman's President Tom Beck in Deep Impact, but rather actors' portrayals of real presidents — which one did his best? To help you decide, Candice Drouet put together a quick video showing actors playing presidents, including Robin Williams as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon and Jon Voight as FDR.


Video: Meet Tom Woodruff. You've seen him in movies but probably didn't even realise he was in them because he specialises in playing creatures. That is, he's been the alien in Aliens, a gorilla in various TV shows and movies, done work for Jumanji, and so much more. What's cool is to hear him talk about his craft and process and to see him act it out in an actual suit versus doing motion capture (not that there's anything wrong with that).


Movies made by David O. Russell are always interesting to watch because he always works with the most phenomenal casts. Why is that? Because his movies are filled with the most interesting characters and that allows actors the freedom to just go nuts which lets us watch beautiful people do interesting things. Full circle.


Love him or hate him or just plain laugh at him, Charlie Sheen has joined his celebrity Twitter brethren today. Not surprisingly, an army of curious onlookers have started following, hoping for an online meltdown or just something slightly twisted and bitter from the actor. Sheen's Twitter account, which became live this morning (Australian time) has been verified - so it's the real deal and not some kid pretending to be drunk and rich with lots of spare time...Hang on a min...