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This morning, CNN announced that it had acquired Beme, YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat's middling, authenticity-obsessed social media app. Neistat, co-founder Matt Hackett and the app's team will all join CNN's ranks, where they will "launch a new media brand dedicated to timely and topical video content powered by bleeding edge mobile technology".


Remember Twitter Music? Probably not. The ill-fated recommendation service started as We Are Hunted, which was a great independent service until Twitter bought it, tanked its music ambitions, and killed it. Now there's a rumour Twitter has its roving eye on SoundCloud. We really hope history isn't about to repeat itself.


YouTube is the place to go for video, and Twitch.tv is the place to go for live game streaming, so why wouldn't the two join forces? That's the report this morning according to Variety: the former looks set to acquire the latter for a lazy $US1 billion.


Apple just bought a small startup company you probably never heard of called Matcha.tv. Why is this important? Because it might, maybe, possibly reveal what Apple sees as the future of Apple TV: a channel-less oasis, where it doesn't matter what streaming service you watch your favourite TV show on, as long as it's through Apple TV.