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It's been week since the infamous Moonlight/La La Land mixup, but it's already an iconic moment in Oscars history. Let's spend the weekend kicking back and watching some of the other Best Picture winners.


The Academy Awards are almost here and many people will be talking about red carpet fashion, comedic monologues, and who got robbed. But few will be paying attention to the most important awards category — Best Visual Effects. This supercut pulls together all the past winners into a nice little reminder of how much has changed in the field, and how much visual effects changed the way movies are made.


No one takes the Golden Globes seriously. So when the awards show nominated Deadpool for Best Musical or Comedy Film, it was seen as fun nod for fans with no real weight. But the film has been lauded by multiple critics groups, it's been nominated for a Writers Guild Award and it won a Critics' Choice Award. Today, Deadpool was one of 10 films nominated by the prestigious and influential Producers Guild of America.


There's a little trophy shop called Aardvark Laser Engraving down the street from our office in Oakland. It's small but bustling, and its windows are stuffed to the brim with awards made of all kinds of materials and in any shape you can imagine: chalices, orbs, golfers, gavels, apples and plaques. Plenty of plaques. They are engraved to award the Club DJ of the Year, the newest member of a local Freemason branch, one mysterious trophy just says "Rifle Expert", and there are plenty of heartfelt engravings to spouses, family members and retiring co-workers.


Jesse Eisenberg - not an Oscar winner. However! As part of his Hey sorry, no hard feelings goody bag from the Academy, he's getting a $US200,000 free trip on Virgin Galactic - along with all the other losers.