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Drivers of electric vehicles will be painfully aware that there isn't a universal charging plug.

This means it can be a pain in the arse to find a public charger that will accomodate your particular car. Especially if you don't drive a Tesla.

Fortunately, Google Maps just made the process a whole lot easier.

The decade of the 2010s saw the rise of social media and the proliferation of digital tools that allow people to alter photos and videos. When you put those two forces together, you get a lot of fake images circulating. And these were the ones that helped define the past 10 years.

The UN’s climate summit in Madrid—dubbed COP25 in UN jargon—continued into the weekend as countries remained deadlocked on divisive environmental issues, chief of which is how to handle a part of the Paris Agreement known as Article 6 that’s focused on carbon markets. After overrunning its initial deadline Saturday, the conference is continuing into the early hours of Monday.

Emotion recognition technology, at best, promises to read commuters’ mental anguish and adjust subway cabin conditions accordingly, and at worst, puts biased and buggy mental microscopes in the hands of corporate overlords. In a new report, the NYU research centre AI Now calls for regulators to ban the tech.

The Game of Thrones Starbucks cup debacle. Watching Notre Dame go up in flames. The moment the world fell in love with Baby Yoda. Going through Google’s top searches of the year feels like flipping through a scrapbook of the internet’s collective obsessions. Released this week, the company’s annual “Year in Search” gives a snapshot of the most impactful celebrities, news, and trends of 2019—at least, in terms of Google searches—and this year’s data illustrates one fact very clearly: In its first full calendar year in America, TikTok has become the new progenitor of memes.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo's regular roundup of the latest and greatest in all things toy. This week, we’ve got even more Hot Toys from a galaxy far, far away; fancy figures big and small from the realms of Marvel and DC; and even an incredibly fashionable space wizard from Destiny 2. And that’s before we get to transforming robot jeeps! Check it out.

The U.S. military launched a new ground-based missile yesterday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California that landed in the Pacific Ocean. The missile had previously been banned under a Reagan-era treaty between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but this wasn’t the first time that once-banned missiles have been tested. Back in August, the U.S. launched a new cruise missile that had also been banned under the treaty.

I never really cared about cars until after I bought my first one, but I’ve loved motorcycles for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories of wide-eyed motorcycle adoration was when a couple of kids down the street from me got mopeds. Are they bicycles? Are they motorcycles? They’re both! These were not unattainable things from a far off land; these were kids on my street, who were my age, riding things that looked similar to my bicycle.

There are a lot—a lot—of reasons that fandom culture in the modern age has been tarred with a general air of toxicity thanks to the actions of select groups. One of those myriad reasons, is, well, bigots and racists getting mad that progressively minded fiction is a Thing That Exists. And Jason Isaacs has no time for them shielding that hatred as fandom.