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It’s been the summer of love for kakapo parrots in New Zealand. Some of the most endangered birds on the planet spent the summer getting busy, and conservation scientists report that a record-long birth season has helped bolster the bird’s numbers.

Did my office suddenly fill up with onions, or am I still bawling my eyes out? The season finale of The Magicians pulled one of its biggest, and most shocking, surprises to date. You might think (or hope) it’ll lead to another epic quest, such as the one to bring back magic in season three. But according to the showrunners, this decision was intentional, purposeful and permanent.

Almost every high-end phone has some kind of night mode nowadays: Google has Night Sight, LG has Night View, and Samsung has Bright Night.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s version has some weird restrictions that only enables Bright Night in very low light conditions, instead of letting you turn it on whenever you want. It’s really annoying and something I called out in my Galaxy S10 review. But that’s no longer the case.

Scribd has become a popular place for people to upload PDF documents to share with the world. But the hosting site’s algorithms aren’t handling the release of the Mueller Report very well, according to a new report from Quartz. Scribd’s robots are flagging the document as a copyrighted work, despite the fact that, as a government-produced document, it’s in the public domain.

Two sources familiar with the US Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into Facebook say that Mark Zuckerberg himself is now a target. According to The Washington Post, the agency wants to hold the company’s co-founder, chief executive and board chairman — Zuck is all of those things — accountable for mishandling Facebook user data.

And since Zuckerberg told Congress last year that he’s responsible for what happens at Facebook, the FTC’s idea to pin him with the blame for the company’s many, many misdeeds actually makes a lot of sense.

As someone who’s obsessed with portable gaming, on paper, the Switch seems like the perfect console for me. But I actually find it a little too big to leave the house with, so I’m optimistic about a report from Japan’s Nikkei newspaper which claims a couple of new Switch consoles are en route, including a smaller, cheaper version, and one with more horsepower.

A man who goes by the name Lucas Lambert reportedly spent months setting up meetings with three cybersecurity experts under false pretenses last year, hoping to get them to say that they were paid to criticise Kaspersky Lab. Lambert was unsuccessful, but the attempt sheds new light on alleged covert activity potentially carried out on behalf of the Moscow-based cybersecurity firm.

Your dog could very well make for a decent fitness coach, according to a new study out Thursday. It found that adults in the UK who owned a dog were fourfold more likely to get the recommended amount of weekly exercise as non-owners. The boost in exercise, however, might not necessarily be as dramatic for dog owners living outside of the UK.