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For players who can't bear the thought of being away from their favourite board game, there's a Portable Edition of Settlers of Catan that's been around for years now. But it comes packed in a flimsy cardboard box full of tiny cards and pieces that are easy to lose. That's why this new Compact Edition of Settlers of Catan, which folds up on itself for easy transport, is vastly superior in every way.


The recent tragic case of a Victorian schoolgirl struck by a train while listening to music highlights the tricky area of personal responsibility versus legal policy. What’s a sensible rule of thumb for listening to music in public?


In 1978, Sir Clive Sinclair - inventor of the pocket calculator and the ZX Spectrum computer - released the world's first portable television, the MTV-1. It was a bit chunky to be called pocketable, although that could have something to do with the fact that it packed a 2-inch CRT inside its body...


I like the design on Toshiba's new portable hard drives. It may not be revolutionary, but there's something about the black and red swirl on the 640GB version that makes me think of throat lozenges. Tasty throat lozenges.


In this digital storage device face-off, we’re looking at two products that may do the same thing, but are chalk and cheese at face value. Canon’s M80 storage device (much like Epson’s device, indeed almost one and the same) and Digital Foci’s Photo Safe II have been on the market for some time but there isn’t much choice in this area, so they stand up as current offerings.