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"Bonjour, Stormtrooper," a charming gent from Ford Europe calls out.

We're on the last day of a press event for the new Focus in France and, as the greeting suggested, I have rolled up to breakfast in a Stormtrooper t-shirt.

We exchanged pleasantries before he dropped one of the coolest knowledge bombs I've heard in a long time.

"Did you know that the new Mustang is based on Darth Vader's helmet?"

A few years back, the Engineering Director of Ford had the police show up at his house. Fortunately, this wasn't the kind of incident that would afford him a Netflix True Crime original. No, his neighbours simply found his Mustang Shelby to be too loud.

This brush with the law got himself and fellow Mustang engineers to thinking -- there had to be a way to make the exhaust quieter in the next generation of Ponies. There was, and they called it Quiet Mode.

But for Mustang fans out there who appreciate the roar of the engine jumping to life, that hasn't been stripped out. In fact, Aussies in particular wanted the 2018 Mustangs to be louder. Suffice to say, it's been a complicated journey.

Driving at night is great -- the roads are empty, street lights look cooler, the air is cooler and that means my turbo runs better -- but it also presents its own set of challenges. One of those challenges is that it's, y'know, dark. And people cross the road in the dark. Wearing dark clothes.

The new Ford Mustang is a very popular car with Autralian buyers -- as well as being a beautiful car, it's also the natural spiritual successor to Ford's own outgoing Falcon, the tyre-shredding rear-wheel drive manual V8 that Australia grew to love over its four decades of history. The Mustang, though, has just had a mediocre two-star safety rating handed down to it by Australia's crash testing body ANCAP.