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December is that time of year when Santa brings gifts to all the good boys and girls. And I know of one very, very good boy.

This year is my border collie Boatmeal’s first Christmas with us. He is the smartest, most precious, most beautiful, best boy in the world, and he deserves a mountain of gifts befitting his station. Hopefully Santa agrees, and has a look at this list of gifts for furry friends.

Ever walked into one of those 'home cinema' showrooms? It's mad fun.

You wander in, sit on those custom leather chairs. Look up at that world class projector and the crisp audio. You imagine yourself kicking back after a long day at work. Ah, this is the life. You sip on a nice cold drink.

Then you look at the price tag and have coronary.

"So how can I do something kinda like this that doesn't cost $AU400,000?"

Uh, good question.

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Gamers can be a particular lot, especially the brand that swears by their RGB towers of Mordor. Fortunately, there's plenty of trinkets and tools you can pick up this Christmas that will satisfy even the most ardent of PC gamers.

Vinyl records have made a huge resurgence in the past few years, with sales continuing to skyrocket year on year. Is it novelty? Nostalgia? The warm, crackling audio? Regardless, vinyl is back and it’s big. Whether you’re looking to ride the wave – or are already knee-deep in records – we’ve picked out five turntables that’ll help put you in a spin.

Staying fit and active doesn't mean that you need to leave your devices at home. In fact, they can make your time out in the wild even better.

We figured we aren't the only ones who feel this way. And with Christmas coming up, we thought we would offer up some great tech solutions for your loved ones who enjoy getting off the beaten track.

Do you have an audiophile in your life - that person who takes their love of music and high quality sound to the next level? And are you at a loss when it comes to buying for them at Christmas time?

We've compiled some gift ideas for audio-obsessed people that will quite literally be music to their ears.

Christmas is almost upon us. And for gamers, that means an opportunity (usually) to sit down and work through some of the year's bigger titles - or maybe a chance to upgrade your hardware and enjoy old favourites. And that means there's plenty of potential gifts for the gaming friend, family member or partner in your life.