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Any random person on the street can tell you why Starbucks was a failure in Australia — we have taste buds. When we order a coffee, we expect a delicious long black or creamy latte... not a half-litre of flavoured swill. However, if you've ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of the chain's demise here, this seven-minute bit from CNBC serves as a great explainer.

It's one thing to wake up and discover that you missed the boat on a cryptocurrency boom that's making a handful of people very wealthy. It's another thing to find out that your computer is making someone else rich while it gives you poor performance and jacks up your electricity bill. With the spread of cryptojacking, that infuriating scenario is happening to more people.

This week, Starbucks started testing alcohol service at two New York City locations. "Wouldn't it be funny to get drunk at Starbucks?" I thought. It didn't take long to figure out that I should stick to drinking at bars.

Urban blight is nothing new. The signature image of plummeting real estate is block after block of properties vacated as businesses move out. Now the high price of real estate in American cities is creating a new phenomenon: In otherwise healthy economic areas, the rents are climbing so high they're driving businesses away -- and no other businesses can afford to move in.