wwdc 2016

A Guide To Apple’s Reimagined Messages App

At WWDC, Apple showed of a crazy new version of Messages. Feeling pressure from other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Google’s new Allo, Apple has completely reimagined its app for the youths. In just the few days we’ve spent with iOS 10’s developer preview, we’ve found more than…

What Did Developers Think Of This Year’s WWDC?

What Did Developers Think Of This Year’s WWDC?

For Apple enthusiasts, there’s no bigger event than the Worldwide Developers conference. It’s the one week of the year the famously secretive company opens itself up to third party developers to ask questions, test new and unreleased features in the company’s products and read the tea leaves on the future…

Where Are The New MacBooks?

Apple has been moving out of the computer business for a while. Where once the WWDC keynote would have revolved around OS X (just renamed macOS), now the event is the iOS show.