Opioids Are Shaving Months Off US Life Expectancy

Photo: AP The United States has an opioid problem. Heroin overdose deaths rates have tripped since 2010 according to one report — and overall opioid overdose death rates have tripled since 2000. It’s not going away.

Alternative Medicine Doesn’t Work For Cancer Treatments

Image: Dennis Yang/Flickr You have, as of today, a one hundred per cent chance of dying. But a lot of people would like a little more time to do things, like eat interestingly-shaped pastas, or play catch with their grandchildren. That makes sense. I’d also like to do those things….

More Evidence That Fish Oil Supplements Might Be Useless

You most certainly know someone taking fish oil pills — those fishy, translucent gold capsules — for their purported heart benefits. But evidence continues to mount that fish oil might be snake oil. At the very least, it doesn’t pack nearly the punch we once thought. Instead, it’s probably just…