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You better watch out... (Illustration: Benjamin Currie)

The Scariest Holiday Based on Its Number of Horror Movies

Everyone loves a holiday, whether its celebratory activities involve opening gifts, popping off fireworks, or just getting together with family to fight about politics. However, they’re not always a good time. Holidays can be horrifying, but which one is the scariest? That’s what we’re here to find out.

If you like metal, you're my friend. (Photo: Dark Sky Films)

10 Totally Excellent Fictional Movie Bands

Since today marks the release (in the U.S. anyway) of a new movie featuring a pair of dudes who just wanna rock, but also have to do things like time travel and save the world, we got to thinking about other standout bands — some heroic, some flat-out evil, and…

No, that's not Jon Snow. (Image: Netflix)

5 International Fantasy Shows to Check Out on Netflix

The fantasy genre is more than fairy tales and ghost stories. It’s how we share cultural heritage — bringing the myths and legends of the past, along with modern beliefs, to life in a new way. Netflix is embracing this storytelling with an array of international fantasy shows and we’ve…