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The cosmic staff has a new home, sort of. (Screenshot: The CW)

Stargirl Will Return for Season 2, But Only on the CW

The relationship between DC Universe and the various arms of the Warner Bros. corporation continues to get weirder and weirder, as evidenced by all the nonsense about the movies on HBO Max, the strange partnerships for its originals like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing, and so on. But now, there…

Will the top drop? Leonardo DiCaprio waits in Inception. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan’s Inception Remains Magnificent

Somehow, 2010’s Inception has suddenly become topical again — an idea that seems like it was mysteriously planted in our minds by Leonardo DiCaprio himself. In reality, though, people are talking about Christopher Nolan’s trippy hit for a few good reasons: it’s about to celebrate its 10th anniversary; it recently screened…