The Exceedingly Creepy Way ILM Brought The World Of Warcraft to Life

Say what you will about the rest of Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie, it did a pretty incredible job of bringing the creatures and vistas of Blizzard’s gaming series to life. But looking at this new breakdown video from ILM, there were definitely some very disturbing steps in the process.

Not Even China Could Save The Warcraft Movie

The Warcraft movie may have tanked in the United States, but it did much better in China. Although it never even cracked $US50 million ($65.7 million) in the US, the film’s massive success in China accounted for more than half of Warcraft’s $US430 million ($565 million) total box office —…

China Loves The Warcraft Movie: Part 2

Warcraft opened at the US box office last week amidst scathing critical reviews to a slim $US24.4 million ($32.9 million), but it’s a completely different story in the apparently Warcraft-mad China, where after just five days the film has cinched the title of the largest foreign debut in Chinese history.