Saudi Arabia Is Building A 965km Wall Along The Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia is building great wall — or rather, a great chainlink fence with razor wire — to “protect against ISIS” in Iraq. And it’s not the only country investing in very expensive walls right now, even though they probably won’t work. Why? Because walls aren’t just about security. They’re…

This Inductive Charger Makes Powering Up Your iPhone Beautiful

There are plenty of ways to do the two things that Spira does: Charge your phone and tell you the time. But there’s nothing quite like the device that interaction design student Alice Robbiani has built to combine them — her inductive charger turns your iPhone into an interactive wall…

This Wall Breathes With The Wind

This Wall Breathes With The Wind

This thing is called kinetic wall. Made with 250,000 aluminium panels that are sensitive to wind currents, its 5000 sq m surface looks like a vertical lake. Watching it in motion is a surreal experience: