The unforgettable poster for Jaws, designed by artist Roger Kastel.  (Image: All Images, Universal Pictures)

Jaws at 45: The Scenes, the Sounds, the Shark

Going in the water hasn’t been comfortable for 45 years. That’s how long it’s been since director Steven Spielberg first released his film Jaws and subsequently changed everything. The blockbuster season was born. A new wunderkind director emerged. A little-known composer instantly became a legend. And audiences everywhere have been…

Ryan Gosling, seen here in Drive, may be entering his very own Dark Universe. (Photo: FilmDistrict)

Ryan Gosling May Be Our Next Wolfman

Soon, we may find out if Ryan Gosling has nards…because he’s in talks to star in a modern spin on The Wolfman. (Who, famously, does have nards, in case you didn’t know.)