Twitter’s Latest Change To The Timeline Is Just Screwing With Us

What if I told you that your Twitter timeline doesn’t have to be filled with algorithmically selected tweets from three days ago? Actually, it’s been like that for a while — Twitter made a reverse-chronological timeline available in September. But now it’s taking away the permanent option to choose how…

Our Favourite Mobile Apps Of The Week

Man, lots of mobile news this week. Windows Phone finally previewed its Windows 10 overhaul (it looks great!) and huge apps debuted big updates and extra features, such as Spotify and Twitter (they also look great!). But among all the big news, bunches and bunches of great apps found their…

Snapchat Now Has A 24-Hour Self-Destruct Timeline

Snapchat’s unique selling point has always been the fact that images and videos could be shared with one other person before — poof! — they went up in smoke. But now the app is branching out to provide a 24-hour timeline to share with friends.