The Streisand Effect: Celebrating 10 Years Of Internet Pile-Ons

Exactly 10 years ago today, the internet finally gave a name to one of its favourite phenomenons, the Streisand Effect — what happens when you try to censor something and the internet loses its collective shit, dumping even more attention on it. And what a glorious decade it’s been.

Everything You Need To Escape From Alcatraz

Exactly 80 years ago today, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary officially opened its gates to some of America’s most violently incorrigible criminals — after all, it was the most escape-proof prison ever built. Escape-proof, that is, for everyone except three prisoners in 1962 and their trusty arsenal of brilliant, hacked-together gadgets.

The Game Boy Turns 25

You’ve almost certainly played a game on your phone today. Some beautiful, high-res game with a rainbow of colours and fluid animation. You’ve got a lot of power in your pocket these days, but portable gaming owes a lot to the chunky old Game Boy, which is 25 years old…