The Brotherhood of Steel, coming to a screen near you. Just... slightly differently than they usually do. (Screenshot: Bethesda Softworks)

Fallout Is Getting a TV Show from the Team Behind Westworld

War may never change in the bleak, irradiated dystopia of the Fallout universe, but the way you’re going to experience it is: Amazon Studios is teaming up with Bethesda to bring the beloved RPG series to television, and it’s tapped the minds of Westworld to do so.

Cliff working on a car while Dorothy watches. (Image: DC Universe)

Doom Patrol’s Second Season Is Working Through Some Personal Shit

If Doom Patrol were a comic book — not that comic book, but rather a comic based on the live-action series — one might safely assume that the consequences of season one’s gloriously demented finale would be dealt with off-panel, in the narrative void. Even though the show has prided…