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The 10 Worst Examples Of Movie Whitewashing From The Last 15 Years

Gods of Egypt finally premiered this week, but no matter how well it does (or how poorly) it will always be remembered mainly for causing such an uproar that the director was forced to apologise. But it’s just the latest in a long line of movies where characters of colour…

This Is How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended

OK, I have a confession. I didn’t watch Star Trek Into Darkness. Not because I don’t like lens flares or Trekkies or plot holes but because I’m generally just a terrible person at catching movies while they’re in theatres. It’s ok though.

How Star Trek Into Darkness’ Epic Score Came To Life

They hear it through the entire movie, but most moviegoers don’t pay close attention to one of the most important supporting players in a film: the soundtrack. It’s as important for building tension and excitement as the actors’ performances, and the Soundworks Collection took a closer look at what went…