How To Encrypt Everything

A year ago, heavy duty encryption technology was something cybersecurity professionals, privacy nuts, and the odd investigative journalist cared about. Then the Snowden leaks happened. Suddenly, we were all acutely aware of how exposed our data is to the prying eyes of spies and hackers alike. But it doesn’t have…

How Secure Are Your Favourite Websites?

Heartbleed is a scary thing. Aside from the violent-sounding name, the vulnerability in OpenSSL security protocols spans the entire internet and affects most of the sites we know, love and use on a daily basis. Even outside of Heartbleed, not all security protocols are created equal. So how do you…

Google Searches Just Got A Bit Safer

Google Searches Just Got A Bit Safer

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used to encypt your online communications in everything from banking and shopping to Gmail and Facebook. Now, Google is integrating this same security measure for all logged-in users’ queries. Here’s what’s in it for you.