The rugged high rim of Pluto's Sputnik Planitia basin and the nitrogen-methane ice sheet that partially fills its floor. (Image: Lunar and Planetary Institute/Paul Schenk/NASA/New Horizons)

See 14 Mind-Blowing Places in Our Solar System

Our solar system is an undeniably fascinating place, featuring an assortment of celestial oddities and wonders. Between the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, there’s no shortage of places for us to explore. Slowly but very surely, we’re finding all sorts of incredible — and sometimes unexplainable — phenomena.

Malkovich and Carell in Space Force. (Photo: Netflix)

How Netflix’s Space Force Acts Like a Parallel Universe to Our Own

Fans looking to blame something or someone that the American version of The Office hasn’t returned need only look to the stars. In the seven years since that show’s end, its creator and executive producer Greg Daniels has been working almost solely on shows with space or sci-fi themes. His…