Welcome aboard, Mr. Bean. (Image: TNT)

Sean Bean’s Snowpiercer Identity Has Been Revealed

Somehow there are still Stephen King stories left to adapt. Netflix wants to bring Atomic Blonde 2 to life. Hanna’s back for season three at Amazon. The Michael Bay-produced coronavirus thriller adds a Riverdale star. Plus, potential good news for Space Force, and what’s to come on NOS4A2. Spoilers, go!

Sadly it's not a dinosaur, but, hey, they will probably be there too. (Image: Universal)

A Familiar Jurassic Park Name Returns for Dominion, With a New Face

Disney could push back Mulan’s release once more. Try to be surprised, but yes, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be back for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Michael Bay-produced coronavirus disaster movie expands its cast. Plus, Flex Mentallo helps Rita out in new Doom Patrol pictures, and Gerard Butler…