Bill and Ted will be excellent to each other, and us, a little earlier than expected. (Image: Orion Pictures)

Even More Movies Shuffle Their Release Dates for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Petty Jenkins addresses Wonder Woman 1984‘s latest delay. Oscar Isaac sets his sights on another sci-fi tale. David Koepp offers an update on the Indiana Jones 5 script. Syfy is launching a new late-night animation block with three zany new series. Plus, what’s to come on the next episode of…

Alison Wright and Jennifer Connelly as Ruth Wardell and Melanie Cavill. (Image: TNT)

Snowpiercer’s Justice System Is Off the Rails Bad

Much as the hospitality staff of Snowpiercer’s titular train are loathe to admit it, things have been far from all right among the passengers. Those living in the upper-class cars have spent years convincing themselves that their wealth makes them objectively better than those who had to fight their way…

Make it a good end, Agent Johnson. (Image: ABC)

Chloe Bennet Teases Agents of SHIELD’s ‘Rewarding End’ for Daisy

Sarah Jessica Parker says the coven’s still excited about the idea of a Hocus Pocus reunion. Barry Allen will get to fight actual Godspeed when The Flash returns for season seven. Plus, what’s next for Snowpiercer and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. And yes, Sisqó is coming to Legends of…