12 Classic Toys That Are Cheap All Year Round

If your plans over the next few weeks involve heading to the shopping centre to battle deal-crazy shoppers, might we remind you there are best-selling toys that are already a pretty great bargain all year round? Most of these toys have been appearing under Christmas trees for decades now, that’s…

You Can Stretch Out These Fake Marble Sculptures Like A Slinky

Yes, like a slinky. These marble-looking sculptures that look like they’re from Ancient Greece are actually completely malleable, deformable, slinky-like art pieces. You see, the sculptures are made from thousands of sheets of paper to appear solid when still. When you tug at the sculpture though, you can stretch it…

Whoops! The 10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions Of All Time

Whoops! The 10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions Of All Time

“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits,” Thomas Edison once said. But is hustling all it takes? Is progress always deliberate? Sometimes genius arrives not by choice – but by chance. Below are our 10 favourite serendipitous innovations.