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Casting News For Inhumans, The X-Men TV Show And More

It’s a casting blowout as another member of Inhuman royalty joins the TV show, Matt Nix’s X-Men series casts its female lead, and Black Lightning finds some super-powered siblings. Plus, what might tempt Patrick Stewart back to playing Professor X, and when to expect the return of Game of Thrones….

One Major Way Eleven Has Changed In Stranger Things Season Two

A member of the Justice League has a secret tie to Darkseid. The live-action Aladdin makes its best decision yet. Plus, The Magicians producers talk about the latest shocking episode, and Barry’s behind bars in new Flash images. Read ahead, because in this instalment, one of these spoilers die!

Where Powerless Fits Into The DC Multiverse

Tye Sheridan talks Ready Player One. D.J. Caruso has a wild idea for the next G.I. Joe movie. M. Night Shyamalan wants in on Stranger Things. Plus, new footage from Powerless, Laurel Lance is back in action in a new Arrow trailer and hints of what’s to come on Legion…