Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

The Pixel 3a Is Dead

The Pixel 3a has been one of our favourite phones over the past year, but it seems its time has come to an end as Google has confirmed that the Pixel 3a has been officially discontinued.

Photo: Segway of Ontario

The Original Segway Is Officially Being Retired on July 15

When first revealed to the world back in December of 2001 Dean Kamen’s Segway promised to revolutionise urban mobility. But sticker shock, and cities quickly banning the self-balancing standing scooter, meant the Segway never came to close to realising that dream. Nineteen years later, on July 15, the original Segway…

Photo: Adobe

Adobe Flash Is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real

Three years ago, long after the rise (and fall) of Flash, Adobe announced that its once-ubiquitous multimedia platform was finally going away. But Adobe never provided a specific date for when Flash would reach its end-of-life. Now we know: Adobe Flash is going to officially die on December 31, 2020.