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Cosplay Is A Business And It Is Suffering

Yaya Han was supposed to be on tour right now. Instead of signing copies of books and posing for pictures with fans, the cosplayer is at home prepping her next shipment of washable masks to help people prevent the spread of covid-19.

The Owl House’s Creator And Star On Creating Artistic Horror For Kids

The Owl House is the latest experimental kids animated series coming to the Disney Channel, with creator Dana Terrace taking inspiration from her previous show, Gravity Falls—only, in this case, replacing Americana horror with good old-fashioned medieval mysticism and magic. But is it something that will also resonate with kids?

Why It Makes Perfect Sense For Harley Quinn To Be Very Sweary

The highly anticipated Harley Quinn animated series premiered to the DC Universe-subscribed masses last week, and if you somehow randomly came to it not realising it wasn’t your typical cartoon, you might have been taken back by all the F-bombs. While entertaining, this Harley Quinn is certainly not for everyone.