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Nintendo Might Be Preparing A Mini SNES For The Holiday Season

Last week, Nintendo dealt a crushing blow to retro gaming fans when it announced that it was discontinuing the uber-popular NES Classic Edition. We’re still not sure what Nintendo was thinking — most companies do not choose to discontinue products that get such great reviews and sell out immediately and…

The NES Classic Is So Much Better With A Wireless Controller

Several months after its release, it’s still difficult to track down Nintendo’s amazing NES Classic Edition. The tiny console is everything you want it to be, but it does have one tiny flaw that isn’t related to limited retail availability: incredibly short controller cords.

This Wireless Controller Adaptor Fixes The NES Classic Edition’s Only Flaw

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is about as perfect as a gadget can get — except for those ridiculously short controller cables. You can already buy extensions, or you can just cut the cords completely now that the Retro Receiver Bluetooth adaptor works with Nintendo’s tiny game-packed console.