Watch Liquid Nitrogen Dance Around On Different Fluids

Video: Liquid nitrogen is an endless source of fun. You can freeze things and smash things into pieces. Or you could pour it onto things and then watch the smoke monster move around and then smash things into pieces. Or you could dunk things in it and then watch the…

What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola With Bleach?

Video: Coke is delicious. Bleach is strong as hell. What happens when you mix the two? Crazy Russian Hacker did the work in finding out. It’s a fun little experiment because you get to see the colour of Coca Cola disappear right in front of your eyes. Bleach is so…

Crazy No-Stick Coating Is Coming To A Bottle Of Glue Near You

Remember that no-stick ketchup bottle of the future an MIT professor made a few years ago? Well, the MIT team created a company to sell the super slippery technology, and Elmer’s recently signed an exclusive licence to use it in their glue bottles. Pretty slick! (Sorry.)