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How To Peel A Delicious Potato In Five Seconds

How To Peel A Delicious Potato In Five Seconds

Peeling potatoes is a tedious task. They’re slippery. The skin breaks. Potatoes are also typically piping hot which means you’re going to burn the crap out of your hands. That’s why you have to try this effortless method.

Debunking 30 Life Hacks That Don’t Actually Make Your Life Better

Our obsession with hacking life to become more efficient beings of human knows no end. We bookmark links that promise to make picnicking more enjoyable, we scour the internet for kitchen tricks and watch endless videos that promise anywhere from 7 to 101 life-changing tips. But how often do these…

How To Make A Watermelon Smoothie Using Just A Drill And A Coat Hanger

Now that it’s September, you probably want to get into the summer activities as soon as possible. And nothing says summer like watermelon. YouTube’s favourite hacker Mark Rober just posted a video showing you how to make a watermelon smoothie in under two minutes. Get it while you can.