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Metabox Alpha N850HK: Australian Review

Metabox Alpha N850HK: Australian Review

A few years ago, I made the prediction that 2015 would be the year of the gaming laptop. Turns out, I was a bit early… but not by much. With the release of NVIDIA’s GeForce 10 series, the company’s mobile GPUs flaunt near-desktop levels of performance. Which makes buying a…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: The Gizmodo Review

Coming a year after the launch of Apple’s first 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the new Tab S3 from Samsung feels daring. While it has the same sleek lines, is just as light, and possesses the magnetic connection on one side for easy keyboard cover attachment, Samsung’s iPad Pro for 2017 is,…

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin: The Gizmodo Review

Samsung’s gone and done it guys. It’s made a perfectly wonderful laptop that retails for under $US1000, is of exceptional quality, and is neither under-powered nor teeming with crappy finishes. This is the college-bound laptop everyone, including Apple, has failed to make for the last couple of years.