How Manatees, Alligators And Flamingos Are Surviving Hurricane Irma

Over the past week, Irma has redefined our expectations of how powerful a hurricane can be and left devastation in its wake: The once-Category 5 cyclone roared through the Caribbean, leaving one million people in Puerto Rico without power, and caused significant flooding in Miami, Naples and many other parts…

Florida’s Coastline Is Underwater As Matthew Continues North

Category 3 Hurricane Matthew swept up eastern Florida today, delivering heavy rainfall, 160km/h gusts, and powerful waves all along the coast. The storm continues to march northward toward Georgia and South Carolina, with deadly 2m to 3m surges possible over the weekend

Offshore Wind Farms Might Save Us From Hurricanes

In the match-up of wind turbine versus hurricane, our bets have traditionally been with the hurricane. But think about it this way: wind turbines are designed to suck energy out of wind. What if they could suck out so much energy that hurricanes like Katrina or Sandy never form in…