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How Frozen Pizza Pockets Are Made

Why do pizza pockets exist? No one knows. But everyone secretly enjoys them. Not on the same level as a pizza obviously (I mean, what does anyone enjoy more than pizza) but there’s definitely a nostalgia kick to eating a vaguely pizza-flavored, mini-calzone hot pocket of sorts. Here’s how one…

How Whoopie Pies Are Made

Video: Whoopie pies are lovely and delightful because they’re big arse freaking Oreos that are fluffy and moist and all sorts of yummy. They’re sort of like a cake but also kind of like a cookie but yet for some reason, they’re called a pie. However you want to describe…

The Brown Sludge That Is Mass Producing Brownies

Video: Brownies are absolutely delicious and probably one of my favourite things in the whole world. It’s a wonderful little treat. What’s not wonderful? When you mass produce them and have to pour buckets of ingredients to mix them up to create a oozy brown sludge that can be baked….