Roads Are For Boats, Too

GIF: ViralHog (YouTube) The mere boundaries of water shall not deter the wild Canadian boating hoser from exploring new ground. Hinder him not with your puny forest service roads! Our intrepid hoser will find a way, eh.

Watch In Awe As The Best Drifters From Japan And America Shred The Same Track

Super D Matsuri is the ultimate drift weekend. This year’s version attracted some of Japan’s and America’s best drifting talent to the California desert, complete with the incredible cars they brought with them. The photos of the cars in action were mind-blowing enough, but the videos were even better.

900kW Twin Turbo Diesel Burnouts Are Exactly As Nuts As They Sound

Meet one of the most insane diesel truck builds we’ve ever seen: Old Smokey F1. In its tastefully patina’d 1949 Ford engine bay lies a beautifully built twin-turbo diesel engine good for 1,233 horsepower (919kW) at the wheels and 2,000 ft-lbs (2700Nm) of torque. Holy crap, that’s a lot of…