Watch This Before Blindly Defending Melbourne Cup

In 2019 it feels like backlash against the Melbourne Cup is stronger than ever. Animal cruelty glorification of gambling and violence are tend to be the reasons for these protests. People on the other side of the fence often cite tradition and multi-million revenue in defence of the Cup –…

Of Course, Of Course, Henry Cavill’s On A Horse [Updated]

Of Course, Of Course, Henry Cavill’s On A Horse [Updated]

We’ve met Geralt of Rivia. We’ve met some of his closest allies. Now, it’s time to meet the most important character of all in Netflix’s adaptation of the Andrzej Sapkowski fantasy series The Witcher: this horse.

Meet The Heroes Who Saved Malibu’s Horses From A Fiery Inferno

As residents of Malibu fled their seaside city in droves to escape a raging wildfire on Thursday, volcanologist Jess Phoenix hitched her two-horse trailer to her Ford F-250, hopped on the 101-freeway, and headed straight for the inferno. There were animals that needed rescuing.