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Aladdin Made Me Feel Like A Kid Again

Aladdin Made Me Feel Like A Kid Again

When I think of the animated Aladdin, I think back to being about 14-years-old, jumping up and down on my bed, and singing along to its soundtrack. At that exact moment, my friends see me doing this through the window and laugh hysterically at me. You see, I love Aladdin….

So Will Smith Doesn’t Exactly *Sing* In Aladdin, But It Works

When it comes to Aladdin songs, “Friend Like Me” is the showstopper. Sure “A Whole New World” is beautiful and “Prince Ali” is catchy, but it’s that big, intro song sung by the genie that sticks in your head the most. So when the lights went down at CinemaCon 2019…

Take Your First Look At Will Smith As Aladdin’s Live-Action Genie

From the moment that Disney announced Will Smith had been cast as the Genie for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming live-action Aladdin film, the biggest question on everyone’s mind was just what the actor would look like in the role given that the character was originally imagined as being big, buff-ish, and…